Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Max's Idol Steve Holm

On June 2nd we headed off to another Rivercats game. This time they were playing tlhe Fresno Grizzlies. The catcher for the Grizzlies is Steve Holm. Steve as a youngster played Little League in South Sutter with Ed's little brother, Joe. Ed also coached Steve. Max's Grandma Linda was also Steve's elementary school teacher. Max has been following Steve as he has been bounced back and for between the Grizzlies and the San Francisco Giants. Max even picks Steve's number(20) for his Cal Ripken uniform number. We arrived at the game early enough for warm ups and Max was able to get Steve's autograph on a ball. Max was a little timid so he, in all of his excitement forgot to try and tell Steve who he was. It was a another fun night at a Rivercats game and a great night for Max to meet his Idol.

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