Monday, March 30, 2009

Silly Emily

Emily's teacher sent this to me. What a silly little girl.

Opening Day Pictures

Max catching with Uncle Tracy Umping
Emily after the game

Emily up to bat

Max ad Mr. G

South Sutter Baseball Opening Day 2009

It was a beautiful day out at the ballpark on Saturday. We couldn't have asked for better weather. Everything went well. Mr. G, the Gecko from the local minor league team The Yuba Sutter Gold Sox threw out the first pitch and Max was the catcher, and what a great catch he made. We have approximately 280 kids in the league this year, the infield was full. Emily had a game at 10:30, so right after the ceremonies we started her game. Its quite a team she's on. Ed is helping coach her team and I think it helped to have him there. Especially when she fell running after the ball and banged her already banged up knee. She did really well, got a hit and made it to first base. I think it will be a great year for her. The Bandits won their first game, way to go Bandits. Max's team had their game right after Emily's. He caught the whole game. What a difference a year makes. He was much more aggressive and stayed on top of the ball. Uncle Tracy was the ump for his game, and he has been many times so I think Max is pretty comfortable with him standing directly behind him. Ed is the coach for Max's team and he did a pretty good job I might say myself. Unfortunately the Diamondbacks lost their game but they gave it their all. All in all it was a great first day of games.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Well Baseball season is upon us. Max is playing Minors and Emily is playing Coach Pitch Softball. Ed is helping coach both teams and still doing all of his other league duties. Max is on the Diamondbacks and Emily is on the Bandits. The Bandits had practice the other night it was so cute they all have pink bat bags and most have pink bats. We have opening day this Saturday, so it is a busy week of getting things ready. One big addition to the Snackbar on opening day is ribs. One of our board members volunteered to cook ribs(he even brought some to a board meeting the other night for us to sample, they we're so good)which I know it will be a hit. Both kids are excited about playing. Although Max would prefer his team be the Giants. Steve Holm who plays for the Giants is from our league. He played out here with Ed's brother when they were growing up. Max wants everyone to keep their eyes on Steve Holm with the Giants, I think Max is one of his biggest fans. I'll have pictures soon. That equipment guy hasn't handed out the uniforms, I don't know what his problem is(maybe they're not in yet).

Monday, March 16, 2009

We Have A Champion Speller on Our Hands

Well Max's school had their Annual Spelling Bee today. There were 3-4 kids per grade for grades 4th-6th. After many rounds Max came out the winner of all three grades. Boy is he excited. And so are we. So we are off to the County Spelling Bee on April 1st. Wish him luck. We know he will do well.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Animal Sounds from Jack

Free Organic Salad Seeds from Earthbound Farms

Here's a new freebie for you. Go to and they have a great offer of a free sample of seeds to grow your own organic salad. Its almost planting time. This would be great for those summer salads.

The Yucky Stomach Flu

Well the dreaded yucky stomach flu passed through our house this last week. Took a week for it to pass through all of us. Unfortunately little Jack is still dealing with the side affects of it, hopefully soon his system will get back to normal. I think I jinxed the family when I was talking to the secretaries at the kids school about the flu's(that's right its not just the stomach flu going around) going through the school and told them that I can handle a cold or sinus infection but the stomach flu is the worst, and look what happens. Oh man what a week. And now guess what Max and Emily both have the other flu, which is, high fever, body aches, cough, sneezing. Oh what fun. Thank goodness the sun is shining. Time to open up the house and air it all out. Thank goodness Ed is such a great Mr. Mom. Hopefully this next week brings a much healthier and sunnier week.