Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pizza for Dinner and Pizza for Breakfast

Jack is finicky little eater. But there is one thing he loves, Neighbors Pizza. We have bought pizza's from other places(sorry Brian and Julie)and he won't eat them, but Neighbors he will eat at least two pieces at a sitting. We had it for dinner last night and then Jack had some more this morning for breakfast. If Jack will eat it he can have it whenever he likes.

Christmas Card Pictures

We were planning on going to Old Sacramento to do our Christmas pictures but the wind was really nasty so we didn't go down there. But we need to get our pictures done so that I could get the cards done, so we headed over to a local park. We had a lot of fun doing them.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

50% Photobooks w/Snapfish Thanks to Rachel Ray

If you go to Snapfish before December 2nd and purchase a photobook and use code RRBOOK you can get 50% off. $1 will also be donated to food bank in your state. Photobooks make great Christmas gifts. Thank you to Rachel Ray and Snapfish for this offer.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Feeding the Dog

I recently caught Jack feeding the dog with a spoon.

Grammy's Birthday Weekend

We recently spenct a wonderful weekend up in Reno celebrating Grammy's 90th Birthday(shhhh she doesn't want anyone to know how old she is). She is just amazing for her age, she doesn't act or look like she is 90. My Aunt Leslie(or as Jack calls her "Aunt Hussy", good thing she has a sense of humor) and my cousins Scott and Brian flew up from Arizona. I haven't seen Scott and Brian in 13 years. They have grown up to be fine young men. They tought my kids some "great" things. It was so nice to spend the weekend with them and catch up with them. I miss all of them already. My Mom and Ken came up and brother Tracy, Rachel and Jessica came up on Saturday. It was a really nice weekend to celebrate with Grammy. This is one very classy lady, who I admire and love very much.

Halloween 2009

So for Halloween this year we have a baseball player that has been beat up, Pippi Longstocking(or as Jack calls her "PeePee Longstocking) and a cute little baseball player.

Bishops Pumpkin Farm

Jack having a talk with a goat.

Every year in October we make a couple of trips out to Bishops Pumpkin Farm. It's a huge family favorite and brings back lots of memories. Once upon a time I used to work there. A very cool place to work. It has changed so much since then. The kids have so much fun and this year Jack really got into it. He especially like the train ride. Max might think he's getting too big for it but I think he still enjoys it and Emily enjoys everything she does.

Happy 14th Anniversary to My Hubby

On October 14th Ed and I Celebrated our 14th Wedding Anniversary. We were lucky enough to have my mom take the kids for the weekend and we headed over the mountain to Reno. What a beautiful time year it is up there. On Friday night we ate at John's Oyster Bar and John Ascuagas Nugget. This is our favorite seafood place. It was actually really nice to enjoy our Cioppino without the kids(we love em but a meal without the kids is so very peaceful. I think you actually taste and enjoy your fod more). On Saturday we went to lunch with Grammy and Stan and had a wonderful time. They are two amazing people. I have to say I have the classiest Grammy. After lunch Ed and I headed to his favorite sports store, Scheels. You can literaly spend hours in there. What a really nice weekend away it was. Thank you Ed for these 14 wonderful year.

It's Been A Long Time

It's been a long time since my last post. Life can sure get crazy busy sometimes. There are lots of updates, so hang on cause they're on their way.