Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Fathers Day Ed

Let me just start off by saying Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful husband and father. You totally deserved your day as a Rivercat. You do so much for your family, friends and others, without taking time for yourself. I am so very proud of you in everything that you do. I love you Ed Henderson.

Eds Day as a Rivercat
We arrived at Raley Field at 10, and met up with the Rivercats promotions people. Forgive me but I can't remember everyones name, it was a whirlwind of a day. We were taken down to behind the field, and Ed was taken into the clubhouse to change into his uniform. About 15 minutes later he appeared decked out in a full Rivercat uniform. He looked like he belonged in it. He then met the hitting coach and a couple of the players and went through the batting practice with the players. He actually surprised the kids and I and the hitting coach. After all these years he still had it in him. The team let Ed keep the bat he used in batting practice and he had a couple of players sign it. After batting practice, we were introduced to Aubry, who was interning for the summer, and she took us on a tour of the stadium. She showed us the box suites, the press room and the announcers booth. When we were in the announcers booth they showed us where the foul balls had hit the walls inside the booth, each mark(by mark I mean dent in the wall)was marked with the date it happened. It was pretty amazing how far and hard the balls are hit. After our tour, Aubry took us down to the dugout where we waited for the team to arrive. It was interesting to see how things develop and get a behind the scenes glimpse. While we were in the dugout we checked things out and the kids got their picture taken with Dinger the mascot. The kids and I were then taken to our seats as the team was starting to arrive. I went back down to get a picture of Ed in the dugout with the team and the manager Tony DeFrancesco told me to get the kids and come back in. So we all went back in and got pictures with Tony and stood in the dugout during the National Anthem and then went out onto the field and watch as Ed and Tony went out to home plate to exchange line ups with the umpires and opposing managers. While we were waiting for all of this Aubry came running up and asked if Max would call the start of the game(the Honorary Bat Boy had chickened out), before Max could back out I said yes and off they went. What a great addition to an already perfect day. Max belted out "Lets Play Ball" like he'd done it many times before. He did a great job. The kids and I then headed up to our seats while Ed stayed in the dugout for about 3 innings. He said he was amazed at how laid back and quiet it was in there. One of Ed's highlights was, Mark Ellis, who actually plays for the A's(he's in the injured list) came up and introduced himself to Ed. Very down to earth. Ed then headed back to the clubhouse and changed his clothes and then joined us to watch the game. He did get to keep the hat but not the uniform(oh darn). What a wonderful day it was and a once in a lifetime experience. A Fathers Day that none of us will ever forget.
After the game we met up with family and headed out for dinner and it was so nice to see everyone. It was a perfect end to a perfect day.
A big thanks to KCRA and the Rivercats/Raley Field or making this such a special day. You all are top notch.
Heading off to the Clubhouse
Wow look at that

Thats your Dad of the Year. You Rock Ed.

Ed and his very proud kids(2 of them, Jack wouldn't have made it through the day)

Oh how I love this wonderful husband and dad.

Batting Practice

Tom Everidge is sitting to the right of Ed, hit 2 homeruns that day.

What form

Ed surprised us all

He looks like he belongs in the dugout.

Making the call

Emily and Max with Dinger

Ed chatting it up with the Manager

Tony DeFrancesco the Manager

Exchanging the Lineup

Ed and the Manager Tony DeFrancesco exchanging the lineup

Max Announcing the Start of the Game

With a bit of a surprise, Aubry the Rivercats Intern that showed us around came running up minutes before the game started asking if Max would announce the start of the game. It seems the Honorary Bat Boy had chickened out and she needed someone in a pinch. With much coaxing Max agreed to do it. And in front of a packed stadium, Max announced "Let's Play Ball". He did a great job and we are both very proud. His dad got to witness it all from the Rivercat dugout. What a great addition to an already wonderful day.

Our Visit to KCRA

On Wednesday the kids and I went down to KCRA Channel 3(NBC affiliate) to pick up the RiverCat package for the Fathers Day Game. What a neat place. We met up with Jessica Rappaport, KCRA's Marketing Director, and she explained what the package included and of course I had to sign my life away(but for a good cause). The kids received Live Copter 3 toys and pens and balls and other cool things. Everyone at Channel 3 was so very kind. Really nice people. Jessica then gave us a tour and showed us the newsroom, sound room and studio. As we were walking through the newsroom we saw Deirdre Fitzpatrick and Mike Teselle, who at that time was getting ready to do a live shot about a breaking news story. We then went into the control room and watched the producers get ready to do a 10:25 news break. Jessica had to keep giving Jack cookies, just to keep him quiet, they even moved us to the sound room cause keeping a 2 year old quiet is nearly impossible. After the newscast we moved to the studio, Adriane Bankert was just leaving as we were going and we said a quick "hi". The studio was really cool. It was pretty neat to see. By this time Jack was getting antsy so it was time to head out. As we were leaving Dirk Ver Doorn was do the SPCA Pet of the Week in the lobby so we waited for him to finish that. And of course both kids asked if we could adopt the dog. He was awfully cute, but no. As we were walking out we stopped and talked to Dirk and he congratulated the kids. What a nice bunch of people. What a great experience for all of us.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is the Winning Video

This was one of three takes. This one didn't make it.

Ed is Going to Be a Rivercat for a Day

So last week the kids on the spure of the moment decided to make a video for KCRA's contest Fathers Day Rivercat for a Day. They planned what they were going to say and after three videos decided on the best one. Well that evening I got an email saying that their video had made the top 3. So I sent out an email to all our friends and family asking them to please vote.(while trying to keep this a secret from Ed) And vote they did. Thanks to all the family and friends, I got an email last night that the kids video had one and Ed gets to be a Rivercat for a day. What does that include? Well 4 tickets, and opportunity to throw out the first pitch, opportunity to go in the clubhouse, attend batting practice and an opportunity to go in the dugout. What a great Fathers Day that will be. The kids are very excited and so was Ed when they told him last night. I'll give an update after the game.
Look at all these wonderful people that came to the Reunion.

Me and my buddies Cheryl Coker and Tracy Adams
Ed and Jeremy enjoying themselves(I use that term loosely). Ed said when we got there and he didn't see Jeremy that he better show up or he was gonna hunt him down and beat him up.

Woo Hoo WHS 20 Year Reunion

Wow has it been that long? This past weekend was so much fun. WHS(Wheatland Union High School)Class of '89 celebrated our 20 Year Reunion. What a blast, it started Friday night with a meet up at Bill's Place in Wheatland. I was so excited to see my good friend Tracy Stoker Adams and her husband Chris, and my best friend from high School Cheryl Coker and her husband Jeremy, which we see often(not often enough). Ed was coaching Max's baseball game so he missed out on that night. I haven't seen Tracy in almost 20 years and miss her dearly. We had dinner and then other alumni joined us, I would name them all but I'm afraid I'll forget someone. We watched some crazy karaoke and then went our separate ways to other bars.

Saturday night was the BIG REUNION. I was totally amazed at how many came. It was so awesome seeing everyone. I don't know what the final count was but I'm guessing it was 80 to 100 people, that's pretty good considering we had a graduating class of I believe 140. What an evening, the food was great the drinks were yummy and the 80's music was awesome and brought back so many memories. I think the most amazing thing is, so many of us live within a 60 mile radius of each other and never run into one another. For instance Cheryl and Lisa Cole live like 2 blocks away from each other. What a great time it all was and I know many of us are talking about another one in 5 years. It was sure great seeing everyone.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jack the crazy lawnmowing boy

Jack got Fisher Price Bubble Mower from his Poppie and Grandma for his birthday. He turned into a crazy lawn mower boy. What fun he was.

Happy 2nd Birthday Jack

June 6th was Jack's 2nd Birthday. Of course we spent it at the ballpark and then in the evening took a trip to Urgent Care. He woke up from his nap with a really snotty nose and both eyes glued shut. Poor guy. Turns out he and his brother both have pink eye, and Jack has a nasty cold to go along with it. What a way to celebrate your birthday.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dinner and a Show

Max's Science Project

Max had to do a science project on the Deciduous Forest. For the project he had to make a diarama of the forest, and the teacher requeste that most of if not all of it be homemade. Well Max made everthing out of pape and clay and did a great job. He typed everything himself for the report part. We still were working late at night, even though we swore we would start early. And the final grade was a 95. Awesome.

Jack Playing Ball

Jack was playing ball with an apple.