Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jack's First Trip to the Emergency Room(Afraid it won't be his last)

So this last weekend we decided to head to the coast to play on the beach and just have a relaxing weekend. So Saturday we spent a relaxing time Muir Beach and then headed to our hotel in San Rafael. Had a nice evening and everyone slept well(except Ed, who slept with Jack). I had just put the coffee on, Emily and Jack were looking out the window. The coffee pot is a two cup deal where you put the cups on the spout and it fills them up. Well Jacks curiosity got the best of him and he pulled the cup of hot water down on top of himself and burned his head, chest and arm. His arm immediately blistered, so we put him in a bath and packed everything up and called the front desk for directions for the nearest emergency room. Got everything and everybody loaded up and headed to Novato which was just 10 minutes up the road. Lucky for us there weren't any other people there. They put him in a room right away and a doctor came in and said the head and chest were 1st degree burns like sunburns and the arm was a 2nd degree and they would treat it with this white wonder cream and bandage it up. But first they had to make him comfortable, they gave him Tylenol 3 and we waited about 20 minutes for it to relax him. In the process he cried for "Lu". He needed his sissy. She came in and stayed with him while he got all wrapped up. The staff at Novato Community Hospital were great. They asked us what we were going to do the rest of the day, well nothing now. That about wiped us out. Ed and I know that this won't be our last trip to the emergency room with Jack. We have learned our lesson, although we are childproof(as far as we can tell)at home, we need to be more assertive when we are traveling.

In the emergency room waiting patiently to be treated(not really patiently.)

The burn before being treated

Jack showing his muscle.

Two days after the incident.

Jack showing off his wound, getting ready to have it wrapped again.

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