Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Woo Hoo WHS 20 Year Reunion

Wow has it been that long? This past weekend was so much fun. WHS(Wheatland Union High School)Class of '89 celebrated our 20 Year Reunion. What a blast, it started Friday night with a meet up at Bill's Place in Wheatland. I was so excited to see my good friend Tracy Stoker Adams and her husband Chris, and my best friend from high School Cheryl Coker and her husband Jeremy, which we see often(not often enough). Ed was coaching Max's baseball game so he missed out on that night. I haven't seen Tracy in almost 20 years and miss her dearly. We had dinner and then other alumni joined us, I would name them all but I'm afraid I'll forget someone. We watched some crazy karaoke and then went our separate ways to other bars.

Saturday night was the BIG REUNION. I was totally amazed at how many came. It was so awesome seeing everyone. I don't know what the final count was but I'm guessing it was 80 to 100 people, that's pretty good considering we had a graduating class of I believe 140. What an evening, the food was great the drinks were yummy and the 80's music was awesome and brought back so many memories. I think the most amazing thing is, so many of us live within a 60 mile radius of each other and never run into one another. For instance Cheryl and Lisa Cole live like 2 blocks away from each other. What a great time it all was and I know many of us are talking about another one in 5 years. It was sure great seeing everyone.

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