Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Visit to KCRA

On Wednesday the kids and I went down to KCRA Channel 3(NBC affiliate) to pick up the RiverCat package for the Fathers Day Game. What a neat place. We met up with Jessica Rappaport, KCRA's Marketing Director, and she explained what the package included and of course I had to sign my life away(but for a good cause). The kids received Live Copter 3 toys and pens and balls and other cool things. Everyone at Channel 3 was so very kind. Really nice people. Jessica then gave us a tour and showed us the newsroom, sound room and studio. As we were walking through the newsroom we saw Deirdre Fitzpatrick and Mike Teselle, who at that time was getting ready to do a live shot about a breaking news story. We then went into the control room and watched the producers get ready to do a 10:25 news break. Jessica had to keep giving Jack cookies, just to keep him quiet, they even moved us to the sound room cause keeping a 2 year old quiet is nearly impossible. After the newscast we moved to the studio, Adriane Bankert was just leaving as we were going and we said a quick "hi". The studio was really cool. It was pretty neat to see. By this time Jack was getting antsy so it was time to head out. As we were leaving Dirk Ver Doorn was do the SPCA Pet of the Week in the lobby so we waited for him to finish that. And of course both kids asked if we could adopt the dog. He was awfully cute, but no. As we were walking out we stopped and talked to Dirk and he congratulated the kids. What a nice bunch of people. What a great experience for all of us.

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