Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Fathers Day Ed

Let me just start off by saying Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful husband and father. You totally deserved your day as a Rivercat. You do so much for your family, friends and others, without taking time for yourself. I am so very proud of you in everything that you do. I love you Ed Henderson.

Eds Day as a Rivercat
We arrived at Raley Field at 10, and met up with the Rivercats promotions people. Forgive me but I can't remember everyones name, it was a whirlwind of a day. We were taken down to behind the field, and Ed was taken into the clubhouse to change into his uniform. About 15 minutes later he appeared decked out in a full Rivercat uniform. He looked like he belonged in it. He then met the hitting coach and a couple of the players and went through the batting practice with the players. He actually surprised the kids and I and the hitting coach. After all these years he still had it in him. The team let Ed keep the bat he used in batting practice and he had a couple of players sign it. After batting practice, we were introduced to Aubry, who was interning for the summer, and she took us on a tour of the stadium. She showed us the box suites, the press room and the announcers booth. When we were in the announcers booth they showed us where the foul balls had hit the walls inside the booth, each mark(by mark I mean dent in the wall)was marked with the date it happened. It was pretty amazing how far and hard the balls are hit. After our tour, Aubry took us down to the dugout where we waited for the team to arrive. It was interesting to see how things develop and get a behind the scenes glimpse. While we were in the dugout we checked things out and the kids got their picture taken with Dinger the mascot. The kids and I were then taken to our seats as the team was starting to arrive. I went back down to get a picture of Ed in the dugout with the team and the manager Tony DeFrancesco told me to get the kids and come back in. So we all went back in and got pictures with Tony and stood in the dugout during the National Anthem and then went out onto the field and watch as Ed and Tony went out to home plate to exchange line ups with the umpires and opposing managers. While we were waiting for all of this Aubry came running up and asked if Max would call the start of the game(the Honorary Bat Boy had chickened out), before Max could back out I said yes and off they went. What a great addition to an already perfect day. Max belted out "Lets Play Ball" like he'd done it many times before. He did a great job. The kids and I then headed up to our seats while Ed stayed in the dugout for about 3 innings. He said he was amazed at how laid back and quiet it was in there. One of Ed's highlights was, Mark Ellis, who actually plays for the A's(he's in the injured list) came up and introduced himself to Ed. Very down to earth. Ed then headed back to the clubhouse and changed his clothes and then joined us to watch the game. He did get to keep the hat but not the uniform(oh darn). What a wonderful day it was and a once in a lifetime experience. A Fathers Day that none of us will ever forget.
After the game we met up with family and headed out for dinner and it was so nice to see everyone. It was a perfect end to a perfect day.
A big thanks to KCRA and the Rivercats/Raley Field or making this such a special day. You all are top notch.

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  1. Hey Henderson Family,
    We were there also. I had to host a suite for clients as part of my "Other job duties not listed above!". We saw you guys in the dugout, but it was hard to get your attention. We sure did enjoy the game, it was a close one! Congrats to your all!

    Marty and Pam Bump

    PS-I also have a blog under Orcsmom!