Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy 14th Anniversary to My Hubby

On October 14th Ed and I Celebrated our 14th Wedding Anniversary. We were lucky enough to have my mom take the kids for the weekend and we headed over the mountain to Reno. What a beautiful time year it is up there. On Friday night we ate at John's Oyster Bar and John Ascuagas Nugget. This is our favorite seafood place. It was actually really nice to enjoy our Cioppino without the kids(we love em but a meal without the kids is so very peaceful. I think you actually taste and enjoy your fod more). On Saturday we went to lunch with Grammy and Stan and had a wonderful time. They are two amazing people. I have to say I have the classiest Grammy. After lunch Ed and I headed to his favorite sports store, Scheels. You can literaly spend hours in there. What a really nice weekend away it was. Thank you Ed for these 14 wonderful year.

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