Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rainy Sacramento RiverCats Home Opener

For Ed's birthday the kids and I got him tickets to the Sacramento RiverCats home opener. Well it had been raining all day and even spinkled on the way down there. When we finally got through the gates it started to really come down and of course our seats were right down by the field without any type of overhang. We stayed up top and enjoyed some garlic fries(boy were those good) and then the anouncer said there was a 30 minute game delay. So we waited some more. About 15 minutes later the grounds crew started taking the tarp off the field and things were moving. It was still raining but more of a light mist. We headed down to our seats and luckily Ed had grabbed a free newspaper and we dried off our seats. Wow I pick seats, they were 3 rows up from the bottom right next to first base, Max was in heaven with glove in hand. It rained off and on, mostly on throughout the game and we all hung in there. Emily is such a trooper, she sang along to the songs and danced around(I think to keep warm). We finally gave up and left at the 5th inning. It was still fun and we look forward to going again.

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