Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Well Baseball season is upon us. Max is playing Minors and Emily is playing Coach Pitch Softball. Ed is helping coach both teams and still doing all of his other league duties. Max is on the Diamondbacks and Emily is on the Bandits. The Bandits had practice the other night it was so cute they all have pink bat bags and most have pink bats. We have opening day this Saturday, so it is a busy week of getting things ready. One big addition to the Snackbar on opening day is ribs. One of our board members volunteered to cook ribs(he even brought some to a board meeting the other night for us to sample, they we're so good)which I know it will be a hit. Both kids are excited about playing. Although Max would prefer his team be the Giants. Steve Holm who plays for the Giants is from our league. He played out here with Ed's brother when they were growing up. Max wants everyone to keep their eyes on Steve Holm with the Giants, I think Max is one of his biggest fans. I'll have pictures soon. That equipment guy hasn't handed out the uniforms, I don't know what his problem is(maybe they're not in yet).

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